Did you ever came across when you programe and design well a website, doing it at night but end up when you open it on mobile the website does not fit following to your mobile.


Worry less because we at Web Design Malaysia are here to help you to get everything fixed in a blink on an eye.


Like almost every client on the world want their website to be mobile friendly, as the world evovle, people are less carrying laptop around because it puts up weight, many are opt out to make a mobile friendly website as it easy to access. Size on mobile may be vary, that’s why we need a responsive website.


What is responsive website? It is a term for a website, the website will change it size, font, color, and dimension. Basically, responsive web design is a web that respond to follow user preferences. Image, Responsive Image Community Group make a new flexible element much better than normal <picture> code for HTML. They has created a new set of code to make sure the smaller the device the picture will also shrunk itself following the device size. It work same like the markup for video. The code that been created from this look like this :


<picture width=”500″  height=”500″>

 <source  media=”(min-width: 45em)” src=”large.jpg”>

 <source  media=”(min-width: 18em)” src=”med.jpg”>

 <source  src=”small.jpg”>

 <img  src=”small.jpg” alt=””>

 <p>Accessible  text</p>



The image also do not shrunk in size but sometimes it also cropped to the focus subject inside the picture.


Websites is cannot be separated from layout, it’s the most crucial part for website, this is all the element has to be place. But when it comes to responsive web design, there’s a way to solve it, the solutions is the css3 flexible box, it is supported both browser whether mobile either desktop. Flexi box, they have break all in it column and box.


What if i creating a data based website?


Don’t worry because, your forms can be simplified up from the long white box to fill in, instead do a drop-down menu, checkbox and radio button. When you designing it for desktop, you have the spaced to work for making the forms visual appealing, for mobile you can’t, you can only make it simple. For mobile user they can fill in little information they can. Some user don’t want to fill up forms that super duper down long website to finish 1 forms. What we can do is with HTML5 attribute, we can apply prefill for the boxes, so that user doesn’t need to type over and over again.


Responsive web are good because all the element inside is super flexible, when you as web designer you need to be aware of your client, as it is more important to have a website that can easily change from laptop to ipad. For web designer out there, make sure to have a highest resolution image as it will be different from 1 to another device. Responsive web design also good for maintain user experience.


In this upcoming era, scripting for responsive website in compulsory. Technology keep updating  in a blink of eyes, new model been introduce every day. So having a responsive web design may be easy for you because you don’t need to make a different design for mobile and other devices.